The Promise Isaac.,

develop people’s leadership and entrepreneurial mindset through trainings, summits, conferences, seminars, boots camps and events.
Promise Isaac is a public speaker, a social entrepreneur, a writer, an impact maker, a mentor, an event manager ,a skilled master builder and a nation builder.
The promise Isaac is the president of junior chamber international, obafemi awolowo university chapter 2020,Senior associate hr/leadership development at RIS Consulting, A certified project manager,A certified Corporate & Enterprise leader,Talent manager /Managing director at OGC Records, Founder/Lead Inner circle council leadership network,Lead The Promise Isaac & Co,Lead Partner Pi volunteer club,Director Internship and a seasoned Event concepteur at Excellent ushers and event thrillers and ever ready to support people to grow an SDG/Mental health Advocate and a seasoned volunteering expert
His Mandate Below
Training people in fulfilling purpose, building up their personal life in all ramification, capacity building,self branding skills, one on one and group mentorship,  idea generator, raising up people in the following spheres of life who will heal the world and make the world a better place.
These areas are basically known as the mountain of life and his area of dealing and specialization.
  1. Business and the Economic world
  2. Politics and Government
  3. Family Life world
  4. Educational World
  5. Arts and Entertainment
  6. Media World
  7. Religion World
He presently discovered that as a leader he need to give people my best and help them attain the apex as fast as possible through his own personal activities and his leadership  attributes. These are his calling and his day to day scheme of helping people’s around the world. He is the pioneer of the fast rising leadership network named, Inner Circle Council Leadership Network and the founder/Country director of PI VOLUNTEER CLUB. He is adequately involved in all these seven mountains of life and he need people to support this incredible insight which has transformed thousands of  young people’s life around my community and beyond and which is still presently changing people’s life  positively. According to the grace God has given him, like A SKILLED MASTER  BUILDER, He laid the foundation and others build on it.
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Call: +2349033763235
WhatsApp: +2349069030505
        ….Adding value’s to life & business…