Hafrikplay is a Nigerian-founded artist-first afrobeat inspired music streaming platform focused on underground and African talents. It allows creators to share unlimited music and podcast content through its mobile apps and website for free.

Its Pan-African-inspired focuses on African indigenous content. We also spread our wings across the globe and feature all other genres of music.

Hafrikplay comes with new innovative features like artist feeds, song importation from major streaming platforms like apple music, Deezer, SoundCloud, and youtube, a points-earning system which results in income and worthy incentives for both creators and users, a blog feature which is accessible to all users to post information & news across the board. Product sales are achievable with a swift payment gateway for artist merchandise and other forms of brand/fan-related sales. Our event creation system allows publicity via our ad system which gets awareness to not just your fanbase but also all hafrikplay users based on the amount spent.

Hafrikplay is easy to use and navigate with deep search engines to find whatever music that interests you, personalized limitless playlists creation. Our users are both listeners and artists, using the platform together, creating a community-focused space.

It features a system that enables users to comment, like, and share songs allow the platform. It also operates as a social media site rather than a streaming service. We intend to help discover underground artists and help them move into the mainstream music industry with their increased popularity from the platform.

We hope you have a wonderful streaming time and stick with HafrikPlay.

Visit Hafrikplay On www.hafrikplay.com

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